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    A rejuvenating garden design

    Type: Cheltenham Garden Design
    Area: Cheltenham
    The garden:
    This aged property in Cheltenham, had undergone extensive renovations to give it more of a contemporary feel. It was then time to take the same approach to the exterior of the property. The garden was overgrown and out of control and unfortunately, most of the mature shrubs couldn’t be regenerated. The architectural and exciting shapes of the new garden bring pleasure to match the clients' personalities.

    Blending romantic borders with strong architectural shapes

    The brief:
    The clients wanted a simple, outdoor cooking area. It had to be able to house a large table and allow them to eat outside in all weathers, providing refuge from the elements.

    An existing summer house was the clients’ pride and joy and this had to be maintained and incorporated into the new garden.

    My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.

    – Claude Monet
    The design:
    The clients house had been modernised in a stunningly beautiful way that was individual and unique to them. The new garden needed to reflect the character of the clients home. An outdoor seating and cooking area had to be incorporated to allow for year round entertaining.

    Many elements of the design were chosen to reflect the personalities of the client. The central water tree with a constant rain-type water flow, is the heart of the garden with the lawn and relaxing areas wrapping around this piece. It glistens in the sun and brings the space to life. A moon-gate walk to the kitchen adds excitement and drama to the pathway. The pathway leads to an enclosed sun house, enabling the garden to be enjoyed and utilised in the depths of winter. The front garden provides this stylish property the entrance it deserved.
    • “We have now completed  two major projects with Keltie & Clark and we love the finished gardens and paved areas. Both have made a big impact on how our property looks and we are very satisfied with all aspects of their work. Well done Sam & Curstain!”

      Mel and Marc Gillespe

    • “Our garden completely exceeded our expectations and looks amazing, from start to finish. Curstain, Sam and their team have been a pleasure to work with”