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Artisan Gardens by Keltie & Clark

Gardens by Keltie & Clark are an artisan, bespoke garden design and landscaping company in Cotswold. We have a huge passion to promoting skill through the business and train the industry.  Belonging to BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries), Gardens by Keltie & Clark are an accredited member recognised as a reliable and high-quality landscaping business.

The company holds a team of 4 designers and approximately 12 landscapers on the ground. All employees have entered the profession from wide-ranging routes. This is an advantage of working within a massively diversified industry: there is a massive array of alternative career pathways and options.

“Everyone is an investment and every employee is developing and learning skills no matter how many years service”

There are numerous entrance routes into the landscaping sector. Having physical experience and learning whilst working, is equally if not increasingly beneficial. We know this first hand. Our MD, Sam Clark, entered the industry doing an apprenticeship whislt working at Hampton Court Estate in Leominster, learning about the trade whilst landscaping the exquisite artisan gardens and rural surroundings. His timing here was fortuous as an american family had recently bought the grounds and building and invested heavily in the house and landscape.  He progressed through the industry, working his way up and refining his skill over the last 28 years. Gardens by Keltie and Clark recognise the benefits of promoting skill through business because this is where we began.

Over the last decade, we have trained several apprentices, encouraging their development through knowledge, learning, and skill. We advocate learning and adore that we can provide a hands-on experience while simultaneously acquiring the knowledge needed for this industry. We particularly appreciate offering opportunities to young people, promoting vast career potential and a chance to progress.

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In recent months, it has been valuable to employ a landscape architecture graduate to aid the office and design process. Landscape architecture degrees provide an overall umbrella of knowledge. This alludes to soft and hard materials, designing with function and aesthetics whilst using a process, and horticulture as well as improving sustainability and the environment. Annie is, along with a great energy and smile, is bringing the design process up to date bring along her CAD based knowledge and teaching the oldies a thing or two!

Keltie and Clark – Newent

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Considering the devastating Ukrainian Crisis, we have been able to offer training for a young person who has recently relocated. Being school leaving age, this is a perfect stage to begin training and teaching them how things work as well as the theoretical and physical aspects of landscaping. Gardens by Keltie & Clark have been enormously esteemed to help and offer this opportunity to somebody who needed it.

artisan gardens | Kletie & Clark

Being able to offer opportunities to our employees fits with our ethos as a company: everyone is an investment. We meticulously select our employees with care and conscious. We recognise who will add value to the company as well as to themselves. The ability to train high quality tradesmen with unparalleled skillsets is the definition of Gardens by Keltie and Clark.


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