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Bespoke Garden Design with Water Feature

Water Features Design

Enhance your Cheltenham landscaping with the natural and flowing quality of water. Designing with water adds layers, depth, and captivating centerpieces to your garden.

Water is a main natural element, beneficial for the survival and cycle of ecosystems, wildlife, and the environment. Further, water is amazing for human beings- benefitting the soul, mind, and body. It is important for improving and sustaining health optimisation. Water’s sensory aspect is another reason why it is incredibly versatile. It is entirely relaxing encountering the tactile, auditory, and olfactory elements of water, soothing the body.

Designing with water is adaptable and varied; you can be abundantly creative. There are many diverse ways to feature water within gardens such as: pools, rills, ponds, channels, and pots. Also, alternate, and different stylisations can be utilised. Gardens by Keltie & Clark have been specially contracted into designs and projects to create bespoke water feature designs for clients, landscape architects, others designers, developers and architects. For instance, this garden, below, based in Shropshire, we were sub- contracted by the designer- Unique Landscapes to construct this spectacular rill.

This contemporary water in both and front of the property was designed by Rose Lennard of Chameleon design and were commissioned specifically to build these fabulous features.

Below are some of the water features and displays that we have worked alongside clients to design and build.

Reclaimed Water Features

In this large, cascading circular water feature was designed as a main feature to sit within a circular, vibrant garden. The water bowl was retrieved, unwanted from another site, five years previously; we knew it would be a formidable water feature edition for another client’s garden design one day and stored it until the right project and client came along!


Another unique and reclaimed water feature that Gardens by Keltie & Clark have designed, is situated at Winchcombe Lodge Hotel. We designed and planted the surrounding gardens to the hotel. We built a water feature around a large, salvaged metal pot which was bought from a reclamation yard. We designed this water feature around this fantastic piece.

Sensory Interactivity

Water is incredibly flexible and is perfect for improving interactivity and sensory experiences of a garden. In this large, family garden we created a child friendly, adaptable water feature. This feature is child friendly yet looks aesthetically attractive and tactile. Plus, it has also functioned as a drinking bowl for their cat.

Within this small courtyard, we wanted to establish a statement water piece that offered the gentle trickling sounds of running water. This creates a tranquil and soothing space to unwind. This was designed to ensure their pet dog didn’t jump in and ruin the aesthetic quality.



Designing with Water around Focal Point Features

In this client’s garden we stylised two water features around two focal point pieces which were designed and made by the client. The first incorporates boat propellers which look exhilarating, and dynamic is shape. This leads directly into the cascading water flow where the king fisher feature sits. The king fishers sit above a water pond where koi fish inhabit. This is a great way to utilise your hobbies and personality into your garden!

This contemporary walkover water entrance to the house, was designed around the elegant bird sculpture provided by the client.

Keltie and Clark garden, Cheltenham


Whether you want to create a bold centre point within your garden or some contrasting movement and flow to contrast with your garden’s stillness. Alternatively, you may want to enhance the relaxing quality of your garden, therefore flowing water will create a soothing addition into the space. Gardens by Keltie & Clark will help you design and build water features to optimise your garden space



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