Artisan Pots: Exquisite, Bespoke and Unique| Garden Designers in Cotswold

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    Durable, Luxuriously Bespoke Planters in Numerous Textures and Shapes


    Pots come in all forms, shapes, materials, colours, finishes, and sizes; their uses and potential are abundantly extensive. Gardens by Keltie & Clark adore utilising artisan, bespoke pots within our garden designs in Cheltenham, ranging from natural materials to contemporary finishes and styles.

    From organic, traditional shapes to contemporary, innovative forms, or large-scale pots to smaller, modest planters. Artisan pots have numerous formats, including urns, bowls, pots, and planters, and different shapes—rectangular, circular, hexagonal, tall, long, and small. Pots are uniquely stylised and personalised to suit your garden!

    Artisan Pots Usages’

    Generally, bespoke pots have multiple uses. Oversized, large feature pots (which we personally love) can be left empty to create a bold statement. Most of these are beautifully unique and distinctive. Their dramatic appearance speaks for itself, adding structure and exhilarating form with height. Significantly, these pots create a thrilling focal point in your garden. Feature pots can be placed as an individual singular pot or evenly placed as multiples.

    Statement Focal Pieces

    This garden design included multiple large, exquisite feature artisan pots, all bronze with a heavy drag textured finish. The bronze sets off the luscious green tones of the evergreen foliage
    Large bronze, textured artisan pots from Torc Pots. We felt the grandeur of the architecture and structure of the house, which suited large, tall feature pots to frame the windows and columns

    This garden design included multiple tall, large, exquisite feature artisan pots, all bronze with a heavy drag-textured finish. The bronze sets off the luscious green tones of the evergreen foliage.

    Contrastingly, another idea consists of filling pots with soft planting. Whether it be large structural grasses or brightly coloured foliage to create a focal point, planting can soften the edges of pots. Pots can overfill with variety and substance, creating an eye-catching focus. Planting can be tall and structural or colourful with texture, therefore creating a garden full of character.

    We worked with our client to create the bespoke Corten steel rectangular planters below. The client struggled to source a planter with the correct dimensions for these olive trees, so we had these Corten steel planters uniquely designed and crafted.

    Bespoke Corten steel rectangular planters filled with Olive trees. Click on the photograph to see more about this stylish courtyard…

    As Garden Designers in Cotswold, some of the gardens that we have worked on, we have used salvaged and unique pots as water features. This creates an exquisitely beautiful central piece for the water feature.

    Gardens by Keltie & Clark - Cotswolds
    This bronze rust water bowl was used to create a flowing water effect in a plunge pond next to a hot tub within a barn conversion garden project.

    Positioning Artisan Pots and Planters

    Positioning pots is unbelievably important, with the potential to make or break a garden. A pot’s position within a garden ultimately influences the pot’s style, material, and colour. Firstly, it is important to choose the area where to place your pots and the quantity.

    Neglected Garden Corners

    You could singularly place a pot within a neglected corner or use it as a focal point. Moreover, you could choose an exceptionally unique and beautiful pot for this area.

    Framing your Garden

    On the other hand, artisan pots can be used to frame an entrance, or similarly, a doorway, pathway, or gateway if you desire more focus on this area. The pot could create a structured, formal entrance filled with grandeur and grace; therefore, you would desire a formal, elegantly tall or large pot. Whereas the pot could welcome guests into an area that is modest and humble in style, the pot could be rustic and natural in form.

    From Torc Pots! This rustic ROHAN pot in a light taupe colour is the central focal point at the end of this waterway.

    Simplicity in this colour, planting, and material palette is key to establishing modest serenity and a natural atmosphere.

    Urn-styled pots nestle between foliage and white tulips. This copper patina texture contrasts against the green foliage and dark-blue rendered garden wall

    Depending on the area in which the pots sit within your garden, the pots could be different colours, sizes and shapes depending on the desired appearance and aesthetic of the space they are in.

    Clustered Pots

    Further, pots can cluster in groups with contrasting proportions, materials, or finishes. This can enhance immediate force and impact.

    From Torc Pots! Clustered trio of bronze pots. Using alternative heights and pot sizes creates a dramatic aesthetic and focal point

    Moreover, if your garden needs changing, move pots to an alternative corner or area of your garden. Pots are completely adaptable and flexible, depending on the atmosphere and feel you wish for. If you have an individual pot, position it in another area. If you own multiple pots, switch these around to create a distinct, separate look from the one you had initially—practically giving your garden a new lease for life.

    Atmosphere through Colour

    Many businesses specialising in selling pots, such as Torc Pots and  Adezz, offer a vast colour scheme, even offering coating in extensive RAL colours. Colours influence the mood and atmosphere of your garden; different colours of artisan pots can be used in different areas, creating zones. For peaceful tranquilly, plan to use more muted, subtle, and earthy tones. Whereas if you wish to create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, use brighter, bolder, and warmer hues.

    From Torc Pots, this strikingly white pot is set off against the blooming lilac blossom tree, the dark evergreen foliage, and feathery grass planting. Planting surrounding a pot significantly determines the atmosphere and feel of the area


    Crisp, large white feature artisan pots with a medium drag textured finish. These BRANN pots from Torc Pots stand out in front of the green foliage of the hydrangea bushes and grass underplanting in our client’s garden

    Pots Textures and Finishes

    An assortment of textures enhance the finish and extravagance of pots. This determines the markings and textural finish on the pot’s exterior. Further, textures bring depth and dimension providing distinctive appeal. Chiefly, textures include brushed, dragged, feathered and smooth; all light, medium or heavy in intensity.

    Artisan pots transform an element or area of your garden, even if you are reluctant to redesign your whole garden. An individual distinct and bespoke artisan pot can bring your garden to life. Or a pot can influence the entire re- design of your garden! They are delightfully stunning to look at and have many uses. If you’re looking to do some landscape gardening in Cheltenham. We would love to work with you in selecting an artisan pot(s) for your desired garden ambiance and aesthetic…!