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    Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it

    Type: Cotswolds Garden
    Area: Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham, The Cotswolds
    The garden:
    A beautiful bench situated in the perfect spot: to view the setting sun over the flat Cheltenham landscape. The early evening sun dances over of the Cotswold stone walls of the garden. A cascading pool of water is the focus of this curved design and creates sound and movement. The planting changes throughout the seasons, to give different views from the kitchen glass gable. A bistro table and chairs provide an alternative view and leads you up to the pool side where the planting transitions to tropical planting. This provides the dimension of entering another place.

    Dynamic, colourful and vibrant planting is instant joy

    The brief:
    The house was sitting on the Cotswolds hill with plain grass surroundings that felt bleak, flat and looked out over the drive. We wanted to create separation from the entrance and create a garden within the open space that was to be enjoyed from within the house.

    "Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes."

    Clare Ansberry
    The design:
    A garden within a garden. This enclosed space cut off the stretching landscape of the Cotswolds from the kitchen window. The garden view framed a stunning space, inviting you into the garden, rather than the wild and natural Cotswolds hillsides. A hedge created a green wall, establishing a room at the gable end of the house.

    Within this space, a flat lawn is the only formal lawn on this property's hillside land. Cotswold stone walls made the garden fit within the landscape. This gave an authenticity , formality and structure to this space. Planting is vibrant, providing full seasonality to be seen all year round.
    • “We have now completed  two major projects with Keltie & Clark and we love the finished gardens and paved areas. Both have made a big impact on how our property looks and we are very satisfied with all aspects of their work. Well done Sam & Curstain!”

      Mel and Marc Gillespe

    • “Our garden completely exceeded our expectations and looks amazing, from start to finish. Curstain, Sam and their team have been a pleasure to work with”