There’s No Place Like Home - Top Home Entrance Design Tips


When you consider that you see the front of your property every single day, we believe that home entrance design should be a top priority for any homeowner. 

As garden designers in the Cotswolds, we’ve worked with clients to create welcoming entrances that boost mood, wellbeing and a home’s saleability. Keen to find out how? 

In this blog, we’ll explore some home entrance design ideas that not only ensure a warm welcome every time you walk through the door, but also set the tone for the rest of your home.


Not All Front Garden Design is Equal


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When designing a front garden, one of the key things to take into account is the location. We have created beautiful front garden designs for Cotswolds properties that feature sweeping driveways and extensive planting. We’ve also worked on front garden designs for Cheltenham townhouses that are roadside. Whatever type of property you own, the right home entrance design can boost your mood while also boosting your home’s curbside appeal. Here are our top tips on how to create a welcoming entrance.

Top Tips on Creating a Welcoming Front Entrance Design


Demand more from your driveway


If you have a driveway, you don’t have to settle for boring. You can make the drive as impactful as the lawn and the rest of your garden with just a few simple changes. For example, instead of the ubiquitous, characterless tarmac, consider using gravel or block paving in stone that suits your property’s style and period. Adding a grand entrance with a stylish console table or an eye-catching pendant lighting can also make a significant impact. Many garden designers in the Cotswolds use local gravel chippings, which is a local stone and gives a lovely, warm ambience.


Use distraction techniques to hide vehicles


With space being at a premium in towns and cities, having a driveway on which to park your car is a bonus. But no matter how much you love your vehicle, it doesn’t have to be the main focus of your front garden. One of the best forms of garden design is to change your view with something more special that diverts your attention. So, you could plant beautiful trees with eye-catching blossoms in your front garden which will naturally divert the gaze away from the cars, creating a focal point that enhances the entryway design.


Does the design fit the landscape?

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One of the key principles that we follow with our front garden design is that the house must fit in its settings. We’re not creating a ‘Grand Designs’ moment, where there is often an amazing building but it doesn’t sit quite right in its environment. Our Cotswold garden designs are all about creating spaces that suit their environment. So we will use greenery and planting design to anchor a home into its landscape. This might be by planting structural trees to add height and an extra dimension to the front garden, or using greenery to soften a property’s exterior.


Boost wellbeing with greenery

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Many of our garden designs in the Cotswolds are for clients who live in urban areas. That means there might not be much in the way of nature or greenery outside their homes.  But, according to the mental health charity Mind, nature is good for wellbeing and can help to improve mood, especially when combined with the natural light of a thoughtfully designed entryway. Creating a front garden where there is colourful planting, green foliage, and even water features can help to put you in the right frame of mind every time you enter your home. You can find out more about how we use planting design to change the way we feel in our recent blog.


Don’t forget the practicalities 

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As well as creating a welcoming entrance, good front garden design takes into account practicalities. Pathways need to be accessible, especially if there are young children or elderly relatives in the home. Consider adding side tables and entryway tables for practical storage spaces and decor. If your family uses pushchairs or wheelchairs, then gravel might not be the best option, and paving might be a better solution. Think about how many steps your front garden needs and how you will access your front door – anything too steep will be difficult to navigate, especially after a trip to the supermarket when you’re weighed down with shopping!


Keep it light but not too bright 

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Another practical element of the front garden design is the lighting. Harsh flood lighting might be good for security, but it does nothing for your home’s sense of ambience or curbside appeal. Instead, keep driveway lighting soft and consider using uplights to illuminate certain trees or features. Opt for pendant lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you set foot inside. Have your lights on a PIR that come on as you walk up the path or pull up into the drive. That way you enhance security without creating light pollution.


Time to rethink your home entrance design?

We know that first impressions count, so if you’ve been inspired to make improvements to the front of your home, then drop us a line. Let us help you create a welcoming entryway that reflects the best interior design trends and paint colours. We love nothing more than working with clients to transform their outdoor spaces, especially when it comes to front garden design. Our garden designers will make sure you receive a warm welcome home every time!

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