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    A luxurious outdoor space to relax, entertain and dine

    Type: Large Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen
    Area: Charlton Kings, Cheltenham
    The garden:
    This family entertaining space was created to bring everyone together to relax, dine and eat. It has transformed the way the family interact and the time they space away from devices out in the kitchen cooking and eating together for that quality time.

    Outdoor living space fitting for all British seasons

    The brief:
    The client desired an outdoor space to relax, entertain and dine in all seasons of British weather.

    We intended to create a lovely flowing area from the kitchen into the outside space, whilst making the garden "teenager friendly" and improving the garden's overall privacy.

    Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love

    Ina Garten
    The design:
    The outdoor covered room permits outdoor cooking and dining. The light, minimalistic style, omits a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere and provides a stunning entertaining space for family and friends. Attached to the covered area, is a dynamic space which is stylish and chic. This modern space provides a sweeping outlook over the rest of the garden areas and enables you to sit in comfortable lounging sofas, against the backdrop of the house.

    The covered room allows for extended use of garden throughout the seasons. This design enables you to enjoy different areas of the garden, depending on the type of evening and mood an, whilst being able to forget the unpredictable weather. The gorgeous garden fabrics that dress this wonderful outdoor living space were made by Studio Blackwell.
    • “We have now completed  two major projects with Keltie & Clark and we love the finished gardens and paved areas. Both have made a big impact on how our property looks and we are very satisfied with all aspects of their work. Well done Sam & Curstain!”

      Mel and Marc Gillespe

    • “Our garden completely exceeded our expectations and looks amazing, from start to finish. Curstain, Sam and their team have been a pleasure to work with”