Your garden story

The Brief

What you want & what you need

Some clients have clear ideas about what they want whilst other know what influences them but do not really know where to start. Either way, we recommend you consult us from the very beginning, even if you are months away from wanting to start. Our knowledge and experience may confirm your existing ideas give you new ones and provide a tangible appreciation of the concepts, budgets and practicalities of you garden dream.

Types of garden

How you use your garden

Everyone has a different requirement for their garden. These needs are distinctly personal, ranging from rustic to formal to contemporary. In addition, the ideal garden will be influenced by lifestyle and neighbourhood. The home may be a family residence, a partially occupied second home or one requiring more privacy. Gardens by Keltie and Clark will discuss how your garden can work for you now and for the future.

The garden design

More than a pretty picture

After we talk through ideas we put pencil to paper and begin designing. The idea of a draft design is to provide a vision of the concept. This draft is a working document to give you confidence that we have understood the brief and to allow us to refine the garden’s design which will evolve. It will be the constant reference during the build, so that ultimately everyone’s expectations are met.


Investing in the right materials

Whether it is trees, plants, stone or garden features, sourcing appropriate materials is fundamental to your garden project. Gardens by Keltie and Clark will carefully balance your budget with the priority and lifespan requirements of the garden. We only recommend products which deliver the very best look and performance whilst being mindful not to over specify.

The build

Everything considered

Only once design, budget and timeframe have been agreed does work commerce. We advise you on what to expect during the build: what disruption may occur to your daily life, where you can get involved if you wish (many clients like to help plant up) and what order the various stages take place. You're kept informed throughout to eliminate any anxiety that can be associated with major works to your home.

The finished garden

Dream to reality

It is not always easy for clients to picture the final garden when we first meet around the original one. At the design stage they often wonder what the final build will deliver. Gardens by Keltie and Clark understand this and are expert at guiding the client through the journey. Invariably, projects have exceeded our clients expectations. Handing over a completed garden for the owners to enjoy brings us as much satisfaction as it does to them.


Managing your investment

Gardens are no different from any other acquisition. Like a brand new home, car or kitchen they are pristine at exchange. Your garden will mature, perennials will come and go, weeds will appear, lawns will suffer drought, hedges and trees will need managing. This can also be due to seasonal change such as pots for each season, adding bulbs, specialist fruit tree pruning, or meadow maintenance. Each aftercare service is different depending on the client’s garden requirements. Gardens by Keltie and Clark offer all their clients a wide range of aftercare services to assist with the maintenance and maturing of their garden, if they need help or if clients are not around to care for the gardens themselves.