Maintenance and long term development

Garden maintenance services

Have devoted much time, effort and thought into planning and building a garden, regular maintenance will ensure it thrives. Some people like help with this regular maintenance, others want ongoing developments as part of a longer term plan.

Our ongoing projects include the development of an eleven acre Cotswold estate surrounding a 16th century house. This requires sympathetic management of the gardens to harmonise with the surrounding landscape. We are developing large cottage style herbaceous borders, a potager and working vegetable growing area, and replenishing pots and troughs, including seasonal bulb planting.

Planting bulbs and vegetables

In another scheme we are working with the client to develop their garden over time to include naturalist areas with bee keeping and a working vegetable plot. In addition we are about to transform a dark pine wood into more open woodland with walks, seating areas, sculptures and a fire pit.

Gardens by Keltie and Clark can help with these different approaches and any other maintenance tasks you require.