Small town garden

Small gardens require clever design to make the best use of space. We all want our gardens to be attractive whilst by necessity they also have to be practical areas.

This tiny garden which felt dark and claustrophobic was designed to provide a welcoming space for rest and relaxation; a little sanctuary from the world.

The light paving and cedar wood cladding opens up the space and provides a lovely backdrop for the artwork. LED panels behind the artwork glow as the evenings draw in. The hornbeam pleached hedging adds a vertical dimension as well as green leafy screening. The bins, lighting and irrigation controls are cleverly and discreetly hidden behind the cedar panels. Although this garden is in almost full shade the planting ensures good foliage and colour throughout the seasons. Thoughtful and clever design can resolve practical challenges and make a small space feel larger and inviting. Gardens by Keltie and Clark can work with you to achieve this.