This large garden was required to meet and satisfy many different needs. When we arrived it was quite over grown and encompassed lots of borders and not much lawn area.

It is now a real family garden and has been divided into different “rooms” that flow beautifully. The area nearest the house next to the patio encompasses a lawn seeded with hard wearing turf for the children to play on. The garden then ascends up large shallow steps surrounded by wide borders planted in a cottage garden style displaying a profusion of colours and textures.

On this next level we created a fantastic croquet lawn with a second seating area alongside where players can relax and take refreshments between turns. The planting around this seating area has a more formal feel with box hedging and lavender releasing its gorgeous scent. We have integrated garden lighting around the croquet lawn for summer evening games.

Further into the garden a large tree house is situated in a meadow area blanketed in wild flowers which leads on to a cricket pitch at the back of the garden.