Water is one of the four elements and is essential to life. We have a primeval relationship with it which explains our close affinity to it and desire to be near it. More than this, water in its sound, movement, texture and light is fundamental to our human experience and enjoyment of the natural and man-made environment.

The use of water in its rich and varied forms enhances the pleasure of gardens from the practical necessity of irrigation to the aesthetic statement of a free standing waterfall. Water in the garden can be managed to meet any of your requirements. It can create a wonderful, natural haven for wildlife, a leisure area for swimming and play or a smart contemporary ambience.

Adults at a cocktail party, children at play, or birds and insects can enjoy water features in their various forms. Size is no limitation. The soothing, atmospheric recreational, energising and harmonising qualities of water at rest and in motion are possible in any type of garden.

Gardens by Keltie and Clark are expert at helping you create the water feature of your choice.